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About me

My name is Wright, Jan Wright

I am a 20 years old student and I live in Germany. I am studying Multimedia design at Arcus College in Sittard. I’m very interested in nearly everything, ambitious, have strong Communication skills, flexible, enthusiastic, well-organized, and do everything with a smile. In addition, I think “out of the Box”. I like to think differently than other people and always try to do a bit extra on top.  I am trilingual raised: German, Dutch and English. I hope that I can learn a lot from you and I think it’s important to constantly set a challenge.


Want to know more about my photography?

My Program skills

Adobe for life!

Nowadays, I can not live without them, when designing projects or editing photos. By school, we learned a lot of these programs, and during my internship, you also learn a different way of dealing with the programs. You can see my skills in a percentage next this text, this is only an estimate of what I think I know about these programs. I am always open to learn a lot more about these programs

Adobe Illustrator0%
Adobe Indesign0%
Adobe Photoshop0%