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Clients I’ve worked for

And much more…

These are a few of my clients I’ve worked for. The projects vary form small to large and from online to offline. A lot of these projects are designed with client confidentiality. This is why they aren’t displayed in my online portfolio.
Reach out to me if you would like some more information.


Want to know more about my photography?

About me

My name is Wright, Jan Wright

My name is Wright, Jan Wright. A funny and a go-getter with a smile, work-driven, workaholic, enthusiastic & creative, professional professor, a true dyslect, but especially someone with a passion and love for graphic design. Because of my parentage, I may not be anywhere in between. A little bit of German, Dutch, and British. But we can say someone creative in making any connections. In this regard, I think that’s spot on! A combination of several nationalities. A person who can handle anything, someone who is open to everything, and, of course, a person who is creative in English Dutch and German. Maybe also a Marvel fan to be honest.


Well, I can say, I’m unique. As a creative person/professor/workaholic and someone of multiple nationalities, who loves also to watch marvel in his free time, that’s me! As I always say, Doing it the (W)RIGHT way!