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About Me

My program skills

Adobe for life!

Nowadays, I can not live without them, when designing projects or editing photos. By school, we learned a lot of these programs, and during my internship, you also learn a different way of dealing with the programs. You can see my skills in a percentage next this text, this is only an estimate of what I think I know about these programs. I am always open to learn a lot more about these programs

Adobe Illustrator0%
Adobe Indesign0%
Adobe Photoshop0%
Adobe Premiere Pro0%
Adobe After Effects0%

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About me

My name is Wright, Jan Wright

‘Who am I…’ Well, it’s not that hard. I’m a Wright, Jan Wright. Can I call myself a rock in the branding? I would say, Yess! I went further than others, I encountered some setbacks, but still, I’m proud of what I have become. A funny, go-getter with a smile on his face, a driven workaholic, a passionate child, a real dyslexic, a professional professor, but especially a person with a passion for this subject. 

Due to my background, I may not be anywhere in-between. A little bit of German, some English and a bit  Dutch, a kind of immigrant. But sorry, we do not consider it to be genuine and creative in making the connection? In this regard, if you ask me! A combination of several elements. Someone who can handle someone open to anything, and, of course, someone who is creative, links in English, French, and English. Oh, I’m quite different. As a child, professor/workaholic and ethnic minorities, who are all on the list of priorities. We also have a  Mr stressed out” in it. Well, yes, sometimes, like a chicken without a head running around and stress and worry for me is not a problem. And yet, it is still very good. As I always say, Doing it the (W)RIGHT way!